How To Dye A Rug

Persian. intricate floral patterns ♦ Over 500 knots per square inch ♦ 15–25 different colors in each rug ♦ 100% wool on a cotton warp & weft ♦

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Tweed fabrics contain flecks of color and sometimes various weave patterns. Because the fabric contains many different colors and tones — it can present a challenge when selecting a rug to …

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This simple t-shirt hula hoop rug is a great in-front-of-the-tv activity for teens and adults to upcycle those random t-shirts. Of course, you can also use t-shirt yarn as I did. Use t-shirt yarn or …

How To Dye A Shag Rug (Nard & Nisha) Check out our collection of As-is textured wool, Hand-dyed wool, Stash Builder Paks, vintage wool paisley, roving and Grab Bags for all of your rug hooking wool needs.

iloverughooking carries used equipment as it becomes available. All used items are high-quality products in excellent condition. Used frames will generally ship by UPS.

Once you’re settled on the rug’s purpose, consider aesthetic factors such as size, pattern and color. A bold pattern could add interest and dimension to the space. A solid color is a good jumping-off …

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