Clear Bra Car Protection

If you’re thinking about wrapping your car to protect your paint or customize the looks, you have several options to choose from. There are tons of different vinyl and clear bra solutions out there, …

I can’t think of a better car to own, but as I said … Also includes Full tinted windows & Land Rover Centerville’s VIP Package which includes Clear tex clear bra, Protection Package, Paint Guard, …

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How to Install a FULL CLEAR BRA: AMMO 964 Welcome to car protection pros, your #1 online retailer for 3M, XPEL and SunTek Paint Protection Film Kits! We aim to help you protect your vehicle’s paint with the highest quality Paint Protection Film (PPF) available on the market today and empower you to do it yourself.

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Xpel Ultimate Wrap Suntek Clear Bra Kit can remain clear for 5 to 10 years,

… Tinting have begun implementing new Clear Bra technology to protect and maintain the quality of car paint jobs. Clear Bra, also known as paint protection film, is the latest technology in …

Updated 06/13/2017. Basically speaking, a paint protection film is a plastic wrap for potentially damageable regions of your car – lower fascia, side mirrors, rocker panels, and basically any surface facing directly toward the front/bottom of the car.

Protect your vehicles paint finish with our computer cut 3M Scotchgard Pro, 3M VentureShield, and Suntek paint protection films. Our clear bra kits are precisely pre-cut to fit the contours of your car and will protect your vehicle from bugs, dirt, scratches, nicks, road salt, sand and road debris and will cause no damage to your OEM paint if removed years later.

Tint World ® Clear Bra is an invisible paint protection film that is 8 mm thick and applied to any painted surface. Our precut patterns are designed to fit any current vehicles’ hoods, fenders, mirrors, and bumpers. Clear bra installation commonly takes between three and five hours.

So, what does one of the top detailers think about the ceramic coating versus clear paint film argument? Watch the short clip and you’ll soon find out. Hint…a bit of both makes for the best all-around …

Clear bra is a clear, thick film that covers your paint provides a sacrificial shield between it and rock chips, deep scratches and stains that could reach into your clear coat. This will permanently protect your vehicle, so you don’t have to worry because the clear bra will protect you!

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