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$50 MILLION HYPERCAR GATHERING IN THE NETHERLANDS! Sixty of the classic vehicles were on display on the Huntington Beach Pier while 50 more were parked at the pier plaza amphitheater … “Its been the iconic car of surfing for … years,” Ramsey said. …

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FLINT, MI — A 50-year-old man is in critical condition after he was hit by a car while riding his bicycle on richfield road friday, April 26. Flint police said Freddie Eugene Dawson Jr. is in …

Now, he’s opened the doors on an all electric car repair business outside of Boston … Uber will be a rare company: Worth more than $50 billion despite… This is Uber’s central challenge as it moves …

As the cars got bigger and heavier, they were also really hard to stop. On the bigger cars, it was common to have to use both feet on the brake pedal if you wanted to stop more quickly. An extreme effort at the brake pedal would get a 50’s car stopped, still leaving plenty of time for earnest prayer while stopping the car.

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I can remember the excitement when the new 1950s car models were introduced. We would stop by the car dealer’s showroom just to see them. For days leading up to the big reveal the dealers would paper their showroom windows to hide the new car models until …

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1950s cars: Cars and trucks of the 1950s began turning necks and stopping traffic the minute they landed on the showroom floor, and they continue to give chiropractors a fair share of business. Even today, the brilliant chrome, whitewall tires and bright colors coating wildly stamped body panels remain a sight to make child and adult alike stop and stare.

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